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Don't Call Me Unkind

The time has come to talk of many things...

::.slaughtered, gutted and heartbroken.::
25 June
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I live in Boston/New York but prefer New York 1000 times over Beantown. I hate cold weather, crowded areas, stupid people and places where these unfortunate elements of nature coincide. This means I avoid clubs, dances and organized social gatherings of any sort. This also means I basically hibernate in winter. I like bars, pubs, restaurants and whorehouses. Transvestites intrigue me. Most of my socks have polka dots on them- this is a sad mismanagement of sock purchasing and is no way intentional. Roller coasters are cool. So are parties at Tufts. The beach is the best and only place to be in the summertime, and if you're one of the unfortunate assholes who don't live a block away from the ocean, well I feel sorry for you. I work with kids and alcohol but this has only happened simultaneously once. As a result Dana had to go home without a shirt on. I do not remember how this happened. But the kids were shocked.